Long guitar improvisation, ideal to relax or sleep. With nightmares included

American Fender Strat HSS, Neck pickup.
Tascam US-800
Cubase 5
Amplitube 3.9 OR 120
Waves Trueverb Reverb.

C4C, if you finish it, please comment something, had fun doing it.
You picked a great title for it! The drifting back and forth of the guitar is a lot like drifting in and out of sleep. Very relaxing, you did a stellar job putting me in a relaxed state. Your technicality is great. It's tough to do an improvisation that long and keep it interesting, but you succeeded in doing that! The nightmare part was a great refresher, and I'm glad you brought me back to a state of relaxation after that. Great work!


I have a lot of improv in my work too. It gives off a bit of a different vibe, but you might still like it