Was looking at this guitar at a store, pretty high price compared to a lot of guitars i've been interested in, about 700 or so. But I absolutely loved the look and sound of it, and so did the guy working at the store lol he said Schecters are great. Anyone here own one? I'm thinking about it and I want some opinions. Hmm... anything cheaper maybe, but similar?
i played one for a little while back in 2008 at the local guitar shop. I liked it so much i went back that week to buy it, but it had been sold. As I was talking to the salesman he recommended me the Ibanez RGT42DXBP, it was around the same price, and had a good sound, long story short, I sold the Ibanez 6 mths later wishing i had gotten the Schector.
Seriously, used you can get a C-1 Hellraiser for half that. Had a C-7 Hellraiser with a HSC for $450. Go used. Great low priced guitars, mine was very dependable.
The hellraiser solo 6 is fantastic if your into singlecut guitars, id highyl recomend it
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I have a korean made hellraiser back from 2007 when they still had the emg81/85. Supposedly the newer indonesian made ones aren't as good as the older korean ones, i played a newer one and i thought it didn't play well at all but the set up was also horrible so I dont know.

I got mine for $500 used because some guy bought it and didnt like it so he left it in a case for 3 years and traded it back to the same store... brand spanking new. I really don't like schecters either, but I do like my hellraiser.
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Get one used, you'll save a few hundred dollars.

+1 for sure.
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They seem to come up on Craigslist pretty regularly and if you're not in a hurry you can usually get a pretty good deal.

I've got an older Hellraiser C-1 FR that I found on CL in excellent condition with a Gator hardcase and I paid $350 for it.

Pretty decent guitar, especially for that price!
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The only hellraiser I have played has a fat neck and I didn't like it. I own an older C-1 XXX and the neck is much thinner than the hellraiser.
I would reccommend finding a used one, they aren't that hard to find. Necks are a bit thick, IMO, because I'm a big Schecter SLS fan. But, they're built like tanks, and quite cool looking. My Solo 6 is the same body, neck, and specs as a Hellraiser and I love it to death.
I have one. My only complaint would be that one of the pickup rings was screwed in poorly, but that's pretty negligible. Other than that, it is a great guitar and Teh Coil Tapz are nice.

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