Im gonna read a book about the Vikings for Uni, suggest me some music to listen to whilst I do it. That is all
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That is all.
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Bathory - Hammerheart / Twilight of the Gods
Ereb Altor - By Honour
Gjallahorn - Nordheim
Heidevolk - De strijdlust is geboren
Moonsorrow - Voimasta Ja Kunniasta / Kivenkantaja
Forefather - Ours Is The Kingdom / Steadfast (Saxon themed, but I think will retain the feel your after)
Tyr - Eric the Red
Falkenbach - ...Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri...
Their spirit can be found in "Two steps From hell". But as sloppyjoe24 said: "Amon Amarth" and as hamza hashmi said "Eluveitie" are good examples to me.
Amon Amarth is the stereotypical Viking band.

Bathory, starting from Hammerheart. Even Blood Fire Death if you like more Black metal approach. This band practically started the whole Folk/Viking metal genre. My favourites are both Nordland albums.


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Mithotyn might just be my favorite viking metal band. Sadly, they never seem to get much love. Also Windir and Myrkgrav are great.

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Falkenbach - ...Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri...

Any of their first four full lengths are great really.
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@ isthisnameused - you couldn't have said it better! led zeppelin, immagrant song!
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