Hey guys, I have an issue that worries me a lot today : the fret buzz, but a weird one this time. It's winter, so of course acoustic guitars have that annoying buzzing sound when you play open strings, but now my electric guitar too, explanation :

The first two low strings are okay, the high e is fine too, the D is a little b*tch past the 15th fret, and the G and the B are what's worrying me the most. When I pick the open strings, its perfectly fine, but if I fret, say, the 9th fret of the G, there is some kind of tingling fret buzz, almost like bells (unlike the neutral buzz sound from the acoustic), and its really annoying and messed up because it's picked by the recording interface.

I don't know what to do, I tried adjusting the tuning a little, but no luck. If I pick the string lightly the buzz goes away, but if I pick a little harder (for soloing), that sound comes back.

I only owned this electric guitar for 2 months, I have only been having this issue since the beginning of this week, and, if it can help, the temperature outside went up compared to last month, but I don't know if that's the reason because I heard that electric guitars aren't affected by the weather and humidity.

Anyway, if you could help it would be awesome, it's frustrating to play like that.

Thanks !

PS: I use steel strings, unlike the nylon strings I use for my acoustic, could that explain why the fret buzz is so different ?
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What sort of bridge have you got on it?
I'd try raising the bridge saddles a turn or two on the buzzing strings.
battery chicken is most likely right.

though if that doesn't work play it in pitch black if you see small arching you have a loose ground which causes a buzz(it happens more than youd think)
Hmmm there are some words that I don't understand here...

The bridge is whats holding the strings on the body of the guitar, right ? I have the same as most fenders, but I don't know how you raise it. How do you play in pitch black and what is small arching ?

I found a picture of my guitar online, if it helps : http://www.easyzic.com/common/datas/avis-comparatifs/84/30484/18856.jpg
Thanks by the way
Try highering the action on your bridge. Depending on what bridge you have you might have to use a small alan key or you may just be able to turn it a couple of times to make it higher. Don't higher it too much otherwise it would make your guitar harder to play. The trick is to have the action as low as possible without any fret buzz.

Hope this helps
I really don't know how to do anything with the bridge xD I'm a total noob at this, can you explain in detail ?