I know that when you have a locking tremolo (in my case, the Ibanez version of the Floyd), you're unable to change the tuning of your guitar from whatever it was. However, my question is:

My locking trem gutiar is in E standard. Am I able to put the guitar in a different tuning (i.e. Drop D#) if I set the guitar to such immediately after putting on new strings? My reasoning would be since the strings have no designated tuning already they should be fine.

Thanks, Frigd
You can use whatever tuning you want with a floating trem, but any large change will mean you need to redo the guitar's setup. Going from E standard to drop D# will need adjustments to the spring claw (to level the bridge for the new string tension), action (maybe), intonation (probably not) and the truss rod.

Strings don't have memory, so you don't need to change strings to change tuning. One trick would be to also go with different gauge strings when making that sort of tuning change. Going with thicker strings may make it so that you don't need to do any major adjustments to the guitar. Basically compensate with heavier strings for the reduce tension from the lower tuning.
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