Hey d00dz! Check out my latest cover of this beautiful song off "The Wall" by Pink Floyd. One of my favorites...considering I learned it by ear I think it's decently accurate.

Feedback is appreciated, and as always 100% C4C!

Nice. It's tough to get that song to sound good on one guitar imo, but you sounded great. Good job.
Sounded pretty damn accurate to me! good job!! What kind of acoustic is that?

One of my favorites off of The Wall. I need to go dig that album back out and listen to it now.

Could you listen to my vocal cover of Muse's Exogenesis part 1? It's somewhere on the forum in the covers section.
Hey, thanks guys!
@SGstriker: The guitar is a Crafter d27/N, and would you mind linking me?
@TakenBr: I dunno I just put the cartoon effect to make it seem more in the vein of the animation done for this song in the Wall movie...I might restore it back to normal though lol :P...but yeah thanks, will c4c!