Finally, I got myself a Music Man Albert Lee model!

It's an awesome guitar. The unfinished neck is made of beautifully figured maple and feels just great. It's a bit fatter than my strat C profile neck. The guitar itself is smaller than a strat, but, to my surprise, feels really great, too.

I'll post a better review and maybe some clips when I get a chance to play with it for a longer time.
As always... The neck on these things are gorgeous!

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I love that neck.
EDIT: whats the battery pouch on the back for?
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What you really need is a new amp.

(Anything I missed?)

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I love that neck.
EDIT: whats the battery pouch on the back for?

The battery is for the active noise supressor circuit inside the guitar (something like a dummy coil under the pickguard). It reduces the noise approximately by half.
Dude, that is a killer guitar! That neck, that shape, that color! Awesome!

very nice - the musicman albert lee models are some of my favourite guitars on the planet. not so keen on how they look, but the neck profiles and the range of tones they can deliver. even the SSS models seem to offer something more than a typical strat, somehow

i will have a somewhat similar NGD coming up in a few months time...
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Nice figuring on the neck man. HNGD :Cheers:
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