I am new to recording with cubase, ( running my guitar directly into my PC thru m-audio fasttrack interface ) and i've been using Amplitube so far and its pretty amazing. But very recently i came to know about the LePou plugins and decided to give it a try, but the only problem is I dont know what Guitar Impulses are (I downloaded a big folder with Guitar impulses wav files for various amps and mics) and how or what happens when u load them up on LeCab?, I have a vague idea that its somehow related to micing a cab, but i dont understand what terms like Cone, CapEdge, lowPass, highPass etc . mean?
Cone = Cone part of the speaker
CapEdge = The edge of the speaker cap (at the centre)
LowPass = Cut top frequencies
HighPass = Cut bottom frequencies
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I'll try to be more in depth.

Basically you are simulating a Mic'd cab with an impulse. A mic'd cab will sound different depending on where you put the mic. You know how when you walk around and play guitar, you tone sorta sounds like it's changing? Sometimes it's heavy and bassy, other times it's harsh and tinny? Same thing goes for micing a cab.

So basically you want to find a "spot on the cab" that sounds good and fits well in your mix. This will take some time to get right, so don't worry to much about getting your mix completely right for right now. Just concentrate on getting a good "tone" recorded. After you understand how to get the sound you want to hear, you can learn to "hear for a different sound"(basically, you're first just gonna try to get something to sound like you want it too. Later on you should learn what sounds good in a mix.).

Most of the impulses are specific positions that are often used. For instance, center cone or cap edge. The closer to the center of the speaker, the more treble your tone, and often times more harsh. As you move out from center, the sound gets more bassy, but also more muddy. Just keep those in mind when finding your "tone". If it needs more bass, move out from center. If it needs more bite(needs to be more defined, more clear), move in towards center. Or, Select impulses that are in those positions(center, or out toward edge).

Most of the time, you actually want the guitars to fill in alot of the mid-space in the mix. So the bass takes up the lower frequencies and gives alot of the "oomph" to your recording. Your straight guitars by them selves usually won't sound all that bone crushing without a bass guitar behind them(when talking metal, anyway). But that's for later.

A low pass, and a high pass are both methods to allow other instruments to "pass by" the guitars. Imagine the guitars are a blanket covering a table. A "Low pass" lets anything BELOW that setting through but removes anything ABOVE, so it's like cutting the top of the blanket off so you can sow on a different color(like, vocals. Being able to hear vocals through your guitars). A low pass is set differently for every guitar/tone/mix, but the lower you put it, the less fizz you'll hear on the guitar tracks(but also less bite!).

A "High pass" let's everything ABOVE your setting through, and cuts everything below it. So this is like taking the blanket and cutting the bottom of it off, and sowing on another different color(this time being the bass guitar.). So if you use your high and low pass filters correctly, you should be able to have bass,guitars, and vocals all stand out and sound "upfront" like you do in almost all professional recordings.

So basically, Impulses are simulated mic'd cabs. Different positions give you different sounds. High pass and low pass filters help you make sure all instruments(bass,guitars,vocals,drums) are heard.

Also feel free to post clips if you want critique(this is a great way to learn quickly!)
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