Hey guys,

I just recently got a Bugera 333XL. This is a big upgrade for me because I've never had an amp with so many knobs, lol. This is really the first amp I've had that has three independent channels so I'm kind of at a loss. I've had no experience with this so I'm not really sure what good uses for the crunch channel over the lead channel. They both sound like distortion channels to me. Can anyone give me examples of ways they use crunch channels or lead channels in different situations?
crunch channel for rhythm stuff, lead channel for...well, leads
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
I have a Bugera 333 and I really only used the crunch and clean channels. The lead ch is just too compressed for what I liked playing.
Set each ch to what you like and think sounds good there is no set rule.
Now the XL buttons can make the amp sound bigger and fuller than it does normally.

I still have my 333, but it has not been played in over a yr. They sound good, but the build quality is pretty poor. I got luck and have only had minor problems:m input jack had to be replaced.
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Personally, I'd set the crunch channel with a touch less mids and more bass, and use it for chunky rhythm playing.

Then have the lead channel with boosted mids and treble to slice through the mix when you wanna tear shit up

Hope you enjoy your new amp, pal. And have a problem free purchase!!!
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I would start with every knob at 5 (maybe not volume but everything else). That way you'll find the differences between the channels. Lead channels usually have more gain and maybe a mid boost. Crunch channel usually has less distortion and maybe a bit different voicing.
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