[forbidden link]
at the beginning of the song how does matt do that sound on his guitar that sounds like a freaking race car
i don't know why it's forbidden it's a youtube video but anyways the title is
Muse - Plug In Baby Live Wembley
www.youtube com/watch?v=9oQ1RYhNeAg
Maybe a whammy bar mixed with some heavy phase or flange.
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He has a ZVex Fuzz Factory built into that guitar. Those two dials below the bridge operate it.
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so it's a fuzz effect?
so what notes, chords does he play? and does he bend them scratch his pick on the strings or what?
Find a concert video of him playing it.
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I can't watch the video, but Emperor's Child said that he was using DIALS on his guitar. If that's the case a simple Fuzz footswitch might not work