Shouldn't about any of them do that by turning feedback way up?
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plug an expression pedal into the dd7, set it to control feedback and set the max parameter to full feedback.Then when you play the note have the expression pedal all the way forward and when you want it to stop push it right back.
Russell stacks delay pedals one after the other; you can't get the same effect with just one pedal. I believe he uses an A/B/Y unit to bring all of the delays in or out as one.
The closest you can do is get a standard digital delay, set the feedback and mix fairly high and when you want it to shut up, well, stomp it off.
A looper pedal could be used to do the same effect much more easily. I dunno why he insists on having about six delay pedals on at once when a single looper would do fine. Just to be different for the sake of being different, I suppose.
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