Hi. I'm Nostra cantus and i like to show you my music, it's all original and mine, take a look, hope you guys enjoy it!

i'm a musician from Brazil, and the "indepent musician" on You tube (or something like that) aren't recognized; make musica is something really enjoyable to me, i make music in my way. I'm on music college (graduation) learning all kind instruments, and i like that, so i like to show you guys, what i do, Thanks!

Here some music to listen and download:

ColD - Nostra Cantus
ColD You Tube
ColD Download

Old Ways - Nostra Cantus
Old Ways You Tube
Old Ways Download

Maybe all die later - Nostra Cantus
Maybe all die later You Tube
Maybe all die later Download

In the middle of the road - Nostra Cantus
In the middle of the road You Tube
In the Middle of the road Download

If you enjoy it i post more music on You Tube (User name: Nostra Cantus), if you have any constructive critic, advise, please tell me, i like to know it.

The quality isn't the best obviusly, but it's justified 'cause it's just me.

Ps: Rusty english, sorry haha.Thank for your attention.