Hi there,
I have an odd question about the mxr phase 90.

I should start with that i really like the pedal-specifically the 'shimmeryness' that it adds.

i was wondering if anyone could reccommend a pedal or effect that adds a similar shimeryness, but doesn't effect the same tone the same way with the phase effect.


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Your amp/overall set-up is?
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I spoke to a friend of mine, he suggested a chorus pedal. any opinions?
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Chorus pedal would work. Also, you could mod your current phase 90 to get rid of the midrange hump, i think it's just a matter of removing one resistor.
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thats a cool idea (the mod).

I'll have to talk to my local guitar tech.
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Quote by P.B.
thats a cool idea (the mod).

I'll have to talk to my local guitar tech.

It's insanely simple to do, if you want to diy.

You open it up, and remove the r28 resister...it's labeled and everything. This will remove that "boost/dist" to the sound.

There are a few more mods, like the C11, and C12, that you can look into as well.

All you have to do is take a soldering iron to the hole at the resistor, and lightly pull it up with some pliers. Or you can just cut it, but then you can't just resolder if you don't like it.

Here's a page that shows how to do it.

And check out some vids on youtube comparing the before and after, just type in p90 r28 mod.
A chorus pedal will do what you want. I would leave the Phase 90 alone (un-modded) and just pick up a MXR Micro Chorus. That way your 90 still sounds the same (like you seem to like it already) and functions the same. Then you also get another simple but great sounding pedal that does what you want.

EDIT: I meant to say Micro Chorus Not Micro Flanger (fixed)
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MXR EVH flanger will do chorus fx as well as flange and rotovibe/tremolo stuff. But if you can swing it pick up a Whammy DT...it has shallow and deep detune fx that add some great shimmer to cleans and leads. You'll also have instant tuning in 1/2 step increments up to a full octave up and down (great for learning songs in various tunings) and a cool octave feature for 12-string fx. Of course you also get the whammy and harmonizing fx. My fave pedal other than the M13 for its multifunctional usefulness.
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