Hey guys, so I have finished my jem-inspired build and am looking for my next project. The plan is to mod a tele of Pacifica, with leds and a new look. This is the general design, the top will be epoxied cloth, and the colored circles will be holes, mirrored on the bottom, lined with LEDs.

Ideally, I would like to use rgb LEDs and a sound activated module, so that I can change color and method of activation.
I was going to go with this product, since it does exactly what I want, but it requires 12volts, and I read reviews of it getting very hot.

Does anyone know how I could accomplish this? I've looked, but don't see any other products that offer this versatility. I do not need to drive that many leds, maybe 1meter at most.

If this solution won't work, I can just use the transistor method, with one color of LEDs.
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Well yeah, that provides lights and dimmers, but will not have the lights light up to sound, nor will it let me change colors.

sinc ethis is going to be in your guitar why not have something that instead runs off of sounds uses the guitar signal to turn on and off

im too tired(and kinda drunk) to think too stright but itsan idea

i rememebr i made a pedal that used tiny smd leds to make some clipping and i remember them tunring on a bit maybe somehting liek that on a bigger brigther scale?
Yeah, funny you should mention it. Since no one has given me any better solutions, I am going to probably tap off the guitar signal, using a transistor to control the LEDs. It's not nearly as many options as that module, but will Allow for a dimmer, switch, One color leds, which light up only when I play.
Thanks for the idea.
If you were feeling like a really clever bastard, you could try splitting the signal using some kind of passive equaliser so that the different colours lit up with the different frequencies of the guitar?

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