So ive been playing guitar now for five years and I've kept fairly similar settings the entire time. Running my guitar the an me70 into my clean channel of my amp. But recently I've been finding I can't seem to find a distorted tone I like even slightly. I'll run through ,y gear.

Ltd fx400 loaded with BKP war pigs, into as I said a me70. Then going to my black star ht20 into a hand built 2x12 solid oak cabinet (stupidly heavy) loaded with eminence red coats. Can't remember the exact model.

I play mostly Metallica, alter bridge and machine head style stuff. And as an example of the tone, the guitar tone from the live in Quebec Metallica DVD. Just sounds amazing.

I'm finding I can't stand the tone of the raw black star over drive. Sounds horrible what ever I do. And through the me70 everything sounds so fake and manufactured. No matter how I try and set it up. I've tried all the distortion models and all the preamp models. I just can't seem to find anything I like on it any more.

Any one got any suggestions, should I just go out and try as many amps as I can and drop the black star and boss?

Yeah get a new amp.

New or used?
gig or home?
style of music/bands you wana sound like?
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Maybe it's time for new tubes. Do you run an OD/Boost up front of the amp? I've tried that amp and even with the gain maxed it didn't have the br00tz for Metallica or Machine head. But with an OD set as a clean boost (gain zeroed, level high or maxed, tone to taste), it should have no problem doing even modern, extreme metal.

Also, what is missing (or present) in your distortion tone that you don't like? In a 2X12 cabinet it might be as simple as swapping one or both of your speakers to get the characteristics you're after. Maybe an EQ pedal would be all it takes to get there.

What I'm saying is that if you like anything about the amp, it's worth trying a few things before selling it. They aren't necessarily high-cost methods, either.
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