Hey, I'm guitarist/bassist of 7 years looking for people in Orange County (preferably beach area, but its all the same to me) to jam with and make some awesome tunes. My biggest desire would be to find others to have regular jam sessions with and share and critique ideas, and if things flow well, maybe even form a mutual partnership of sorts.

I won't claim to be the best out there, but i am confident in what i can do, and a quick learner; and if I end up doing some teaching then i would be happy just to share my knowledge. Unfortunately i don't have any recordings of any my playing due to a lack of recording equipment. My top 5 bands that have influenced my playing style the most, other than the obvious legends (Led Zep, Beatles, etc...), would probably be the Offspring, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, The Dirty heads, and GnR (not listing them as a legend due to axl-being-a-d**che controversy).

While those are just examples i find influence from The Cars to Tenacious D and Beethoven to Tool. I try to submit myself to a philosophical-Bruce-Lee-style approach to my music, "Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own." So i would hope my playing doesn't get pigeon-holed into one category of music to be static and unchanging. I try to dabble in as much of whatever i find appealing at the time.

Any Lyricists/Singers that might have a song or two that needs some sound would be more than welcome, so don't be shy about responding. As for my attempts at lyrics... ... they have been just that; attempts, feeble, feeble attempts. So if any one would want to meet up i have some awesome chord progressions that could do with some rad lyrics. Maybe we could make some awesome original tracks and possibly even have the next big hit!

TL;DR. Any musician in OC area wanna meet up n jam? Hopefully we can get several people for a regular jam session every week or two.
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yo man sounds like you have motivation and skill and influences are pretty spot on, im in pasadena its like 30-45mins away from OC and the only thing i really need right now is someone to complete this trio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izGgvpvkIFs even its completely odd and not normal would sound totally fckin awesome to have any guitar in on this, otherwise you're in the best area to form a jam band check craigslist and post flyers at near guitar centers and such!. if you wanna try this out PM me
You guys are pretty good, unfortunately pasadena is a lil bit far for me. I'm based in Huntington so i'm more looking for long beach, costa mesa, garden grove area.

If i was closer i would totally be down; i've always wanted to play classical stuff with a modern band.