I am using Seymour Duncan JB pickup for a year and i am quite pleased about it. Here is the thing i wonder about. My guitar is H/S/H. So i bought another SD pickup a day before. But i want to buy pot(potentiometer) with it too. So i want to ask this question. I will buy pushpull coiltap pots. I want to split my neck and bridge humbuckers. I have only two pots on my guitar Tone and Volume. To split those both humbuckers should i buy two pushpulls or one is quite enough?
Thank you!
I own a Schecter Blackjack V. The early version with passive Seymour Duncan pickups (Not the cheap Duncan Designed PU). And it's got a push/pull pot that taps both pickup at once. So it can be done with one tone pot.
1. It's a coil split, not a coil tap. Only a few pickups out there are able to be coil tapped. the two are completely different things. Lots of people (even guitar companies) constantly confuse the two.

2. One push/pull pot will be enough.
What a push/pull pot is is a regular audio pot with an added switch that activates when you lift up the shaft. Think of it as an on/off switch. You can wire this to act as a coil split.

You should be able to find the wiring diagram on Seymour Duncan's website.
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Thank you both!
Its great that i learned its coil split, thank you for information. And thank you much again for one pot enough thing!
What can i do with two coilsplit pots?
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With two pots you could try a phase switch for one pickup, or you could wire it so you can choose which coil is being used when splitting the pickups and get parallel wiring too. Check out the Seymour Duncan website, they have wiring dagrams for pretty much every kind of switching you can imagine and it's easy enough to copy a switch from one diagram and add it into another system to make up your own switching.
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