Hey guys,

I'm potentially looking to get an acoustic-electric guitar, but I want one that still sounds good when unplugged. Any suggestions?
Seagull and Yamaha are pretty popular in that regard.
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got a budget in mind or any preferences? there are just sooo many guitars out there, but here's a few of my picks:

if you don't need a cutaway, seagull s6 acoustic electric would be the one i'd choose. balanced tone, nice lows and sparkling highs.

or if you want something a little brighter in tone and a little smaller (and more comfortable) i suggest you try the fender hellcat

epiphone masterbilt - it's all solid, sounds good, great value

yamaha fgx730 is a good solid top model with cutaway

best for a budget
or a serious budget

in the higher ranges, one of my favorites (beautiful tone, just great)

if the sky's the limit, the gibson jackson browne is one of the best sounding guitars i've ever heard. words really can't do this one justice.

in the in-between ranges, i suggest you check out larrivee and guild. both brands make good quality, good sounding guitars, and both make some acoustic electrics.
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Sounds like maybe you are coming from world of electric guitar? If I may suggest change focus to how it sounds UNPLUGGED before worrying too much about how it sounds plugged. Hard to make a silk purse out of a sows ear kind of thing.
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Seagull and Yamaha are pretty popular in that regard.

I second the Yamaha. I have an A3R that sounds sweet both unplugged and plugged in.

If you're willing to spend the money, Taylors sound fantastic. Lots of people like Martins, but I chose my Yamaha over a Martin - it's largely personal preference about the sound. Your best bet is to try stuff out.
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