Hello, I want to know what I can do to install a power amp or modify it so that it's portable for transport. I'd also like to know how to handle a power amp with care.

The band that i play with don't have much space so we are constantly moving between 3 houses. I recently acquired a power amplifier (Yamaha PD2500) and two "Acoustic Linear Monitors 12" passive speakers.

I wouldn't mind putting it in a suitcase if that's what it takes, but I'd hate to wreck it, so anything I should know about handling a power amp with care?

This thing is quite old, so i'm extra careful with what i do with it.
Look on eBay for a cheap used 2U rack case. It'll probably be cheaper than anything you could build yourself.

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I have more than 1 PA just because of this.

You can just transport it like it is, or get a small 2u-4u rack. You can build one for pretty cheap also.
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