Just joined, obviously, and I'm here to bake cakes and learn how to mow the lawn better than I do at present.

No, wait a second, wrong forum. Right start again..

I'm here to chat to some like-minded souls since nobody in real life likes me. Sorry, wrong forum again.

Seriously now, I just want to hang-out with some other players and see if I can learn/share something along the way. I first started playing (on a 3/4 classical) about 18yrs ago but I stopped playing for many years - basically because of life's pain killing my guitar mojo and the wall's I hit were bothering me too much at the time. In other words I whimped-out like a pussy and quit.

I started again 6 months ago and having finally broken through the old barriers, I rewarded myself and bought an APX500II (vintage white) and just recently got myself a Merida Diana (black) classical, and slapped some light strings on both (just ordered some titanium nylons for my Merida which according to D' Darrio look quite interesting - but I haven't got them yet to hear them for myself).

They're not the ultimate guitars around, sure, but they're the best I've ever owned and I'm liking them a lot. Actually they're the only guitars I've ever bought myself as the others were either my very first which was a gift, or loaners.

I love em both in their own right and I'm learning lots of new things but I'm not happy with where I'm at and since I do have a tendency to become frustrated and miserable about my playing abilities, I figure that hanging around here may keep me focused on the goals. Which, basically, is to improve both blues and spanish styles and become far more fluent and better organised on the fretboard.

Anyway, that's me. A full-on narcissist as you can probably tell.
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Hey, Loren. Thanks for the welcome. Nice to meet you, too.

I've been without t'internet for the last week but it's nice to be back.