My guitar took a bit of an unfortunate fall the other day and I noticed a chip in it last night which goes down to the wood. I'm not concerned about the chip getting worse or anything and it's on the back so I don't even see it usually. However we have a bit of a termite problem in my house and I am concerned about that.

Any chance in fixing this? I actually managed to find some of the pieces, though I doubt that will be helpful. This is an Ibanez RG2EX2 if that helps any.
Termites like damp wood, and darkness, and are unlikely to fly to your guitar just to eat it. You can go through the process of sanding, filling, priming, painting, and clearing the spot to make it blend back in, but I wouldn't bother. If it worries you that much, get some clear nail polish and paint over the chip so that it is sealed.
Yea, I'll probably just go over it with nail polish then..I guess I could use white nail polish to cover it up.

chicks dig scars

Welp, time to go bang the guitar around outside for a little while!