So, recently I've been playing in a lot of different tunings and it's been a pain switching my guitars around all the time, tuning low, making bridge adjustments, getting heavier strings and then changing them for slimmer strings a couple days later to play in a higher tuning, etc etc. Been doing some recording so I figured hey, why not get some new gear? My mission was to pick up a new tele and some sort of semi- or hollow body. Went to my local guitar store expecting to have to go to a few different places, but man I fell in love with what they had. Figured I'd get a Gretsch or Gibson for the semi-hollow, but after playing some other brands...well, that will be in the next post, this is gonna be a two-parter I believe.

So, onto the tele! Excuse my poor photography, just got my first camera ever (and I'm in my twenties )

I fell in love with this MIM tele as soon as I saw her. Action was a little high, but I knew I'd be making adjustments for lower tunings and thicker strings anyways. The neck feels so great-better than some MIA's I've played. Stays in tune great after setting her up and just SCREAMS. I've normally been a strat guy, but damn this girl has such nice tone. My first maple neck guitar and I love it-can't wait until a few years down the road and she starts getting those sexy neck stains.

The pictures don't do the guitar justice (do they ever?), looks so amazing in person. When I was younger I never would have gotten a guitar that wasn't black, white, sunburst, or natural. I'm glad my tastes have changed! Now, the next post will be the guitar that surprised me quite a bit...
I tried out quite a few hollow bodies. All ranges of Gretsch, Gibson, Epiphone...they were none, but none really grabbed me. Then I stumbled into the section towards the back-had some Ibanez and some lesser-known brands. first played an Eastman, and it was shockingly good for the price. Amazing craftsmanship on it, no glue lines, no dust on the inside, nothing. Gorgeous. Unfortunately the price was a bit too high and the aesthetics of the neck didn't do much for me, but damn it was well put together. Next I tried an AS93 Artcore. I found what I wanted.

Wow. I wish you could all come to my "studio" and check this thing out in person. I know I said it about the tele, but the pics for the AS93 do NOT come close to how great she looks in person. Great craftsmanship on this one too, and the pickups are surprisingly nice sounding. Cleans are amazing and the bridge has some serious bite, while the bridge has that great creamy sound to it. Action is perfect, and the neck just feels so good. Stays in tune very well using my tuning (CGCFGC). This girl has some WEIGHT too-feels great to hold.

Last words-forgot to mention the tele is a 2010 and the Artcore is a 2012. I've been a Fender guy for awhile, and I know the quality, while always at least "good", can vary guitar to guitar. That said, I was shocked by how good the tele feels. Think I found a MIM gem. The Artcore surprised me more though, I can't believe how good it feels for the price (only paid $525, which seems to be cheaper than every other store). Feels just as mid-range Gretsch, and certainly better than the low range.

Anyways, I'm a very happy guy over here! Never have I walked in and out of the first guitar store I went to and felt like I found "the one", never mind two.
Nice, I've definitely been thinking about getting an Ibanez Artcore since the prices seem so reasonable.

BTW, I'm in my twenties and haven't had a camera since before they were digital.
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Love that Ibanez! I have the cousin, the AM93, and I love it, HNG(s)D!
Thanks guys! Samurai, I'd certainly recommend an Artcore. I actually played quite a few at the store, some lower range than the one I got and some higher. They ALL felt like solid guitars. The lower range ones felt almost as good as the mid and high end ones, they just lacked some aesthetics.
Damn, nice tele
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