That's something I'm really having a hard time making my mind on!
Which one do you prefer? Finger or picked acoustic blues?

Personally I'm a big fan of the pick. Simple reason, I'm coming from the electric.
On the other hand, finding lessons and acoustic blues played with a pick is harder!

I really like seeing someone play with his fingers, delta style but I can't even play a simple rhythm, I'm finger ******ed.
I also love acoustic blues played with a pick... Boogies, etc...

Is this something you had to work on a while to get?
Should I start learning finger style on it's own and then learn finger style blues?
It just takes practice, if your interested give it an honest try. I found these books really helpful

Beginning Acoustic Blues Geutar - Lou Manzi
Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar - Arnie Berle and Mark Galbo

The first book is a real beginners book(not sure what your level is), the second book is more if you are new to fingerpicking.

I maninly use a pick when I play my electric and fingerstyle on my acoustic.
it depends on what kind of blues you're playing. piedmont and old school country blues is played fingestyle. lots of what was recorded in the 60s and 70s was played with a pick i like 'em all.

i learned fingerstyle before i learned to strum, but not all fingerpicking is alike. i learned classical as well as some travis and other picking styles when i was a kid (11 - 14), yet there are still patterns i have to work at to nail.

i'd suggest learning very easy fingerpicking to start - you know, alternate thumb on E string, then all three fingers together, thumb on A string, all three fingers together, repeat. you can play tons of songs like that. when you have that, thumb on E string, finger 1, finger 2, finger 3, thumb on A, finger 1, finger 2, finger 3, repeat. where i say E and A string, for some chords it would actually be A and D string, but each of your fingers is assigned its own string.

if that doesn't make sense (god knows i'm not a teacher!), i can make a quick recording for you.
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You might give "hybrid picking" a shot to start out. The thumb and index are holding the pick, and the middle and ring are free to use finger style.

This approximates a three finger style, (2 fingers & thumb), which used in both country and blues idioms.

Full classical finger picking, as you doubtless know, uses 3 fingers & the thumb.

Hybrid picking leaves you with the dynamic expressiveness of a pick, and the broader intervals at your disposal with the finger picking style.

Richard Thompson, (formerly of "Fairport Convention"), rips the place up with this technique, over a variety of musical styles.
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