I won a guitar yesterday at a local raffle to which people had donated gifts. Well I have never played a guitar so it was a bit of a surprise winning one!

I have been on to Ebay and bought myself a DVD to which it states in the advert that it teaches the basics of how to play.

One thing though......I don't have a clue what make of guitar I have! It has 'Andrew' at the top, but did a Google search and found nothing regarding 'Andrew' and 'Electric Guitars' There are no other markings on it as in what make it could be. I can put some pictures up if need be or has anyone ever heard of Andrew guitars?

Thanks in advance.
Picture of the guitar body and headstock would help us identify it as many guitar companies have signature headstock and body designs
Thank you DarkShot

These pictures are taken from my camera on my phone so not the best.....Really must buy myself a digital camera!

Anyway, I hope these help.

Most likely seems to be that it was the original owners name and was custom made with that on the headstock.

Any identifying codes on the back of the head or inside the body? (if any of the backplates come off, they should unscrew).