So im a very new guitarist, only been in it for a couple months, and i dont ever really plan on being in a band or anything, it's just a hobby. I have a les paul style Ibanez and a crappy 20 buck bare bones amp i got at a pawn shop for who knows why and i am looking at a few different modeling amps and need some advice on quality. Now please keep in mind that i need an amp solely for practicing in my room, so volume isnt an issue, and i like to play a good variety from blues to classic and modern rock, and even a bit of metal when im bored. I'm looking at the Peavey Vypyr 15 mostly, and followed up by the Roland cube 20xl and the vox Valvetronix. im also open to other suggestions. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I personally dig the Vox of all of those, but a lot of people here like the Cube. I would also take a look at the Fender Mustang series as well, they seem to have a decent array of built-in modulations.
Peavey Vypyr 30
Fender Mustang II
Those are the ones I would look at, and more the Mustang since metal is not a major priority

What ever you get, look for an amp with a 12" speaker, it will sound much better than a smaller speaker.
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for those styles- the vox.

if you were playing metal mostly, the vypyr would be better- it is the best of the modelling amps at metal, but it's a little lacking in the lighter rock tones. the vox's strongest sounds are in the classic rock range, but its still pretty good outside of that.
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I would say the Mustang series are better for classic rock and blues honestly. I didn't like the VOX when I tried it.
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