Longest song I've made up to date @ 5:02. I think I've been making some good song writing progress and this song really shines and paints a good picture through words, or so I think. Tell me whats good and what isn't and critic back for you of course.

Thanks for checking out my song.
First thing is notice is that the percussion/beat is very harsh (on my speakers at least). Apart from that you have a nice, full sound though, I like the beginning.
From around 1:50 I hear some quiet dissonant sounds, not sure what you want with that. It sounds a bit weird to be honest, if you really want dissonance you should bring it out more I think.
Okay, around 2:40 now, and you've brought it out more. I don't really like it (the dissonance), but that's just my taste. It makes the song sound really weird overall, apart from the beginning there is no 'resting point'. I think the dissonance would be more effective (and less annoying, haha ) if it surprised me more... so maybe only around the ending. I think it's weird, the song has a certain potential to sound relaxed but the dissonance changes this - it's definitely interesting.
Then again, this song is called Conformity, so I assume you did everything on purpose.

(also, could you check out this song I just opened a topic on? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1591415)
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Thanks for the constructive critique on my own track, really appreciate it.

I also noticed that the percussion was a little harsh on the ears, purely just because of the mixing though, the repeated guitar line should have been toned down a little in the mix too I thought. I loved how the piano and guitar would be harmonising their melodies then the piano would change to a counter melody and guitar would play more dissonant notes - like from about 3:10 onwards. The guitar melodies in the first minute were great, I realy liked way they worked in time with the percussion. The slowed down ending was a cool idea but it came off sounding a bit strange I thought.
Overall, a great track though you've got some great ideas in there
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