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Do any of you guys own a talk box, and if so, do you play his (Peter's) songs? I play "Do You Feel Like We Do". I also play "Rocky Mountain Way" by "Joe Walsh" I use a "Danelectro Free Speech Talk Box". Great Pedal. I can really recreate both of the guitarist's sound with the growl knob. (NOTE: I am not associated with Danelectro in any way.)
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I do love a bit of Frampton; Joe Perry was also awesome with the talkbox.

Speaking of the Danelectro Free Speech, what's it like? Worth the money?
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I Listen to the "do you feel like we do" peter frampton song lots, and Its just way too epic live,
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I would love to have a Framptone talk box, but I can't really afford one. I saw him live last year (and got picked to sit in the front row) and he was amazing.
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