Ok guys here is my situation.

I was doing mixing and acting as the resident gear adviser for a non Profit Charity Organization called City Youth Music (Facebook em, they're great guys) and because my dad used to do mixing for them, I got into the role that way.

Now, I was curious about something. Bare it in mind, the stage is not that big (we had trouble getting a whole band on there once the drumkit and monitors were on)

We were using my Valveking (as they only have Spyders and they were ok with using mine, was easier to do so cause we didn't have to get them from the store which is outside and nobody wanted to do the trek again cause it was cold Which was plugged into my little Harley Benton 1X12 which was (unsurprisingly) drowning out the Line Six amplifier which was on the otherside of the stage.

Now because of the fact that the Valveking drowned out the Spyder (just as well cause it was horrible IMHO) I was wondering about using my Laney AOR as the other amplifier too. In order to save time and resources so that they're not going down to the store again to pick up some unnecessary stuff.

Now, I was curious about a couple of things.

I know this sounds like a really bad idea (and it probably is, I just wanted to make sure with you guys first) as tube amps sound good cranked, would it be a good idea to not use the 57's they have and just sort the levels out that way? Admittedly, I would have no control over volumes for solo's, panning and that kinda stuff. So it's probably a really bad idea, but thoughts on this would be appreciated.

The other one is this, I am planning on getting myself a 2X12 cab (which will use V30's) and using that underneath the valveking, whilst using the 1X12 on my Laney. Considering that the Line Six is a 2x12 (with what I think is a Celestion Rocket, in there) and was being drowned out by my little 1x12 I'm assuming that the same would happen with the two amplfiers that I already have, but they are both tube amps, with the same wattage (100) it might not be the case, but I thought I'd ask. Just to be on the safe side, so I would know what to expect.

Thanks a lot UG. Really appreciate it.
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Well you drowning him out may have alot to do with your EQ, my other guitarist has a 150Watt spyderIII Head+4x12 which he was at around 3 o'clock on the volume knob with and I drown him out easy with my crate 60Watt 2x12 on 9 o'clock, reason being is that he scoops his mids, and I have a mid hump. with our EQ's that way I could drown him out easy with both of our amps cranked . I'd be willing to bet you're situation is similar.
So long as both of the amps are at the same volume setting, they should be about the same volume, you can adjust volumes to taste with mixing the two amps and whatever makes you happy.
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