I've got a chain of several pedals .... the ZW Wah in the beginning of the chain is only working with the first overdrive pedal.

Is this normal that the wah only opperates with the first distortion or overdrive ?

All my pedals or real bypass.

CHAINORDER : Guitar - tuner - Wylde Wah - MXR Comp - MXR overdrive - MXR Distortion - MXR Fullbore Metal - MXR EQ - ISP Noise supressor - MXR Phase 90 - AMP

I already tride to disconnect EQ and Noise Gate but there was no difference.

When the compressor is on i can use the wha with all my OD / Distortion pedals but the tone is different.

Must i buy a booster to use the wah on all my pedals.
My amp is a Marshall JMD-1 (Hybrid)

what do you mean it only works with the first distortion?

also i see you like mxr

anyway does the wah work by it self?
do your pedals use batteries if so they might be dying
im not sure if your pedals are all true bypass if they arent a dead battery might be messing with your signal

also you DO have a long chain you might need a buffer to help out

also try putting the noise gate and the phase in the fx loop of your amp
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All my pedals are connected with an external powersupply (not batteries).

All the pedals are true Bypass.

The Wah pedal works on his own and with the first OD/distortion pedal.

I have reduced the chain to .....

Guitar - Wah - Overdrive - Distortion - Amp

The wah has only effect on the overdrive and not the second pedal.

When i put the compressor (ON) between Wah and the first OD/Dist .... the Wah is working with the second distortion but the tone is changed.

You will find that pedal order can have a huge effect on the tone entering your amp;

A wah is basically a variable filter - when you place an overdrive/distortion after the wah, you distort the wah's output. In some cases you will find that the distortion will 'curb' the effect of the filter, 'softening' its sweep or something similar. You will find that having the wah on the other side of a distortion will have a different sound. It's all about experimentation and preference. Personally, I have my wah before OD's and distortion.

Now, the compressor 'squashes' your tone to give more sustain or a more even sound. This could also be having an adverse effect on the sweep of the wah - again, try experimenting with the position of the wah in relation to the compressor.

This applies to all your pedals ; whilst there is some theory to where you should place your pedals in a chain, order is subjective and down to personal preference. Try it and see.
I've always had my wah befor my distortionpedals and that's the
way i like it.

The wah works before the OD (in single mode = guitar-wah-OD-AMP)
The wah works before the Distortion (guitar-wah-dist-AMP)

But when i put de OD en the distortion in line, the wah only "wah's" with the first pedal.

= guitar - wah - OD - Distortion - AMP

OD = ON, DIST= OFF , wah works with the OD
OD = OFF, DIST= ON , wah can not be heard, no effect take place only the
volume of the chain is reduced.

You problem stems from that wah lacking an output buffer.

You can either mod the pedal and add an output buffer or buy a separate buffer pedal and run it after the wah.
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How must i mod the Wah ?

What kind of bufferpedal are we talking about ?
Can you give me an example ?
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Modding for an output buffer (Schematic reading and soldering are needed skills here, but also available in kit form):
Last section on this page

Pedals (These are just a few, google for more):

(The Clean Buffer, maybe you can find one used)

(Kit form, build it your self. If you are going to go with a DIY build, this guy basically wrote the book on buffers. He knows his shit)


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