Hey UG community this is just a video of me and some friends jamming to a couple tunes, we all take a couple solos! Nothing was really planned just jamming, would love if you guys could give us some tips and pointers! Am the one all the way to right and am using a Blackstar Ht 40

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My main thoughts: not a jam, guy with the white LP sucks too much to keep it together that well in a free flowing jam sesh like you claim. Either that wasn't a jam at all, or some of it was planned. But your claim that it was a total free flowing jam is a like a girl posting a selfie saying, "NO POSE, NO MAKEUP ALL NATURALLLLLLL." Bitch, you got makeup on. Shut up.
Yeah, for a "jam" this "improvised" it seriously lacked somebody singing. Not necesarily a front person. I've never been a fan of them, but you guys could use a vocal melody for sure at a couple points.

And just to be tighter on tempo. Tight is all that really counts when it comes down to it.
I heard the first chord and I thought I was about to hear the charlie brown Christmas song. It went downhill from there.