I've got an old original SHUBB capo which has lasted me many years. I have noticed the small rivet which connects the middle piece to the frame has come loose, which causes the middle piece to stick out at a strange angle when applied to a guitar. Does anyone know any tricks to repair this small finicky job?

I know SHUBB offer the support of repair and service to their capo's, but I am not about to ship it half way round the world to tighten a part.
either find something else to use as a pin, or buy another capo.

i think that's about it.

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rivets kinda suck, they aren't like screws where you can just screw another one in. also, if the area where the rivet comes out it damaged then you may not get a rivet back in there

i believe there are a number of rivet tools out there that should allow you to replace the rivet.

seriously though, a new capo may be in order.
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