So I recently have come across a Ibanez Roadstar Series II from the 80's
Sadly it's missing the Trem Bridge completely.
I've been doing some research and the original bridge seems to be a Pro Rock'r bridge.
I was saddened again when I found out it was no longer made after the 1980's

Now my question is, where can I find this Ibanez pro Rock'r Bridge OR What bridge can I use to replace it instead that is pretty good.

I know that the Holes to actually instal a Floyd Rose are actually a lot wider then today's bridges.

Can someone help please?!!

Thank you
I know your pain, pro rock'rs and parts for them are hard to find, my proline V uses it. if I were you I'd measure my studs and their distance apart and whatnot and see if I could get a replacement system. looking for a pro rock'r and keeping your fingers crossed can't hurt though.
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