Guitarist to Electronics translation desired.

My friend who is a guitarist told me some things about his guitar when I asked him at a local show and I asked him what were the specs and I got a blank stare.

The conversation goes like this:

Me: "What kind of guitar pickups do you have?"

Guitarist: "black and square ones"

Me: "Are they humbucker?"

Guitarist: [blank stare for 5 seconds] "I don't know guitar, I play guitar. All I know is the guitar cost $600 used and it was well worth it because it sounds good."

Me: "So all you know is they sound good?"

Guitarist: "Yeah, they sound good."

So the translation desired is, if the pickups are square, can I assume that that means that it is a hotrail humbucker, compared to I think the pickups would be rectangular is it was a hotrail single coil?

Also this can be my thread reserved for me to ask more Guitarist to Electronics translations in the future as they come up.
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if they are square it could also be a p90 of sorts or a covered humbucker

maybe next time ask him something about the number of coils or ask him about comparison to other guitars(do they look like les paul pup or strat pups?)
I don't know how you expect us to know what your idiot friend meant if you didn't.

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I respect that there are technical people out there and people who either are not technical or do not care to be, but distinguishing between pickup types is not brain surgery.

Or even rocket science, for that matter.

If it's an uncovered pickup, then it's a case of counting the coils. It's like identifying the difference between a motorbike and a car. A cover could make things a little trickier when it comes to identification - but it's still just a case of considering the dimensions of the pickups in the vast majority of cases.

What surprises me most is that your friend spent as much as $600 on an instrument and doesn't know something as basic as pickup types, especially considering the difference between the sound of a single coil and a humbucker.
I've never seen a square pickup?

Seen lots of rectangular ones, with differing ratios of Length to Width, but no square ones?
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What a dumbass...
They kind of sound like EMG's...

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I don't know how you expect us to know what your idiot friend meant if you didn't.

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