So this song is kind of different, for some reason recently I've been writing nothing but happy songs. With this song I sort of just jammed around a bit with the first rhythm part and it kind of spawned the rest of the riffs fairly easily.

I'm not completely sure about the lead tone though, I usually just use the same lead tone for every one of my songs but I sort of wanted it to not cover up the rhythm guitar so much, and I wanted it to kind of take a back seat to the rhythm guitar and not be the center of attention like I usually make my leads be. It was kind of an experiment, not exactly sure about it though. For some reason the solo in the middle is pretty low in the whole mix, which I didn't notice while rendering it and I will probably fix it soon.

And I did call it Yeppp for a specific reason. Its more of an inside joke than anything else.

Anyways check it out and tell me what you think! Feel free to C4C as well

I love it, really live and energetic man! As far as criticism I can't find much to complain about, rhythm tone is pretty good and compliments the lead well. If I had to nitpick anything, I'd say that maybe the drums need to scoot a tiiiny bit further in the mix, but that could just be me, still gives it a great live feel.

Definitely giving you a follow, well done. If you have the time, feel free to check out my latest demo:
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Very nice man! I agree with Pyrotechie about the drums being the only real complaint!
The riff reminds me of the ending of Pantera's "Floods"...which is great :P I love Pantera!
The volume of the lead tone is perfect as it is I think! I think that this would be an excellent song with some vocals..a tad repetetive perhaps as an instrumental.

Would be glad if you could crit back
I really liked this! The riffing is heavy and the tone is awesome(good sound quality throughout), great solos and good technique as well. I would've extended the clean part a little bit, it sounded really cool. Also, I think some cool pinch harmonics would've spiced it up along the way. Other than that, great job, agree with the guy above, you should add some vocals!

It would be cool if you could crit my solo here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1591327
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