Check this out guys! This is the first online release with my melodic hard rock band Big Time

All recorded in my bedroom, in Logic Pro with an iMac. The drums on "Julia" were made in Guitar Pro and then touched up with an online MIDI to mp3 converter :P "Big Time" and "Public Personality became more serious when i brought in a digital drum-set into my room-studio and aquired Addictive Drums!

"Public is our latest song, so you can be as harsh as you wish about it! I need all the constructive criticism I can get for our future recordings

C4C as always!
Commenting on just one of the songs is fully sufficient, but I'd be really happy if you check 'em all out!
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intro is quite cool.
Julia is well recorded and sounds very professional. It reminds me of Def Leppard to be honest.
Public Personality is good, probably my favourite off the EP. Love the vocal style and the lead guitar sounds great.
Big time is good as well.
Overall it all sounds very professional, everything fits very well together and sounds great. It has a very 80s hard/stadium rock feel to it which reminds me a lot of Def Leppard. Keep up the good work sounds awesome so far .

my work is at http://soundcloud.com/eddiechance
My Guitars:
Epiphone Flying V
Westfield SG
Laney Lc15110 230 G Tube Combo 15W
Presonus Audiobox USB

check out http://soundcloud.com/
Oh my god this is awesome! I can't even explain how much I like this. The vocals are great, I really like the guitars too. Song writing is wonderful, This seriously rocks. Keep it up, this is incredible.
I like it man. I gave you guys a like on Facebook. You've got a good sound, and a good look too.
This is awesome stuff. The quality is excellent; is the guitar DI and amp/cab simulated? Also great job on the mixing of the vocals, sounds professional. Good guitar work too, I enjoyed the solo. Really nothing to critique about it, it seems that you're 100% on the sound you're looking for.
Not really my kind of music but seeing as you gave some feedback on my own tack I'll return the favour.

I listened to Julia and everything about it seems really professionally made, the mixing/mastering was so crisp and clear and the vocal layering was very well done. The solo was great, definently gave me 80s vibes, but then again the whole track sounded incredibly 80s.
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