Hey guys, When ever I strum on my acoustic guitar and then a put my hand over the sound hole to stop the sound it makes a quiet ringing noise ? Is this normal because the strings are steel ? When I do the hand thing the strings aren't touching the fret board. Could this be pinch harmonics on an acoustic guitar?It has a similar squeal sound as the electric guitar pinch harmonics but it is not as noticeable. Thanks in advance !

Note : I do not mean palm muting
this is most likely fret buzz or juts bowing of the neck have a look at fret buzz problems on the internet and see if this links to your guitar problems also picture would help but i guess this would be hard to show,also some string get damged or are simply faulty,first look at your guitar and check for problems what even a newbie who see and see when it is coming from,also if you mean presiing the strings down with your hands and the strings are not touching the front of the fretboard your guitar action is way to high (strings to far apart to play guitar propley) also is this a low end acoustic cosating less than 100 pounds or dollars?
if it sounds like harmonics, it probably is.
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This is your 2nd thread with the identical subject and wording. I still don't get it.

I explained "pinch harmonics" for you in the other thread. It would seem you didn't bother to read it.
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