hows this sound

Verse 1
Shut your mouth
Go away
I know what
You want to say
Don’t you try
To make me cry
I know it’s
All a lie
Tissue box
Stolen by the fox
Gotta leave now
Before the door locks

All these times I’ve failed in the things I do
Impossible to tell who’s screwed who
Now I’m in the hole with all the time I’ve spent
No way for me to pay off this debt

Verse 2
Running through the fog
Sleeping like a log
Mind is stuck
Like a rusty cog
And hell-bent
I threw out
The letters you sent
I’m confused
You are too
We are stuck
In place with glue


Verse 3
For the dents
Living in
The past tense
A second chance another glance
Dodge the blow
From the lance
Trust yourself
Nobody else
Don’t ever
Ask for help


Verse 4
Empty cup
Don’t look up
Enough’s enough
Falling down
Run outta town
Look for me
In the lost and found
Her perfume
Caused you to swoon
But it led
To your doom
Keep working on it, bud. It honestly sounds pretty forced and sorta corny. Work on making it sound more conversational.