Both A# and B respectivly, i like playing in all different kinds of tunings. No, i cannot afford another guitar, even though that would obviously be the logical route. My question is, can you just setup a guitar so it seems to work decently in all sorts of tunings? I don't mind using heavy gauges for standard tuning, in fact i have always preferred them to medium and light gauges. Usually use 11-50 for standard but could easily handle heavier.
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You can. But it'd do a number on the guitars neck.
Best thing to do is set up your guitar to B standard and it'd be no problem to drop A the guitar.

But tuning from E standard to D standard would probably be the absolute lowest to tune your guitar.

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'Standard' is not a tuning by itself. It's a type of tuning. You can get E Standard, Eb Standard, D Standard, and so on. It would help if you've be more specific.

That said, if you want to go between A# Standard and Drop B then that's not too much of an issue. You'll need to work out what your preferred string gauge would be for each of those independently and then buy a string set that is halfway between the two. Then, tune those strings exactly in the middle of the two tunings (the 6th string you'll need to fudge a bit since there's no easy step between B and A#) and set it up for that. If you're using a very thick string gauge then you're best off setting up slightly more in favour of the overall higher tuning. This way you can tune up and down a little bit without running in to too many problems and without wrecking your neck.
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