So right now I`m cleaning up my guitar and I wonder if I can clean the body using some window cleaner by putting it in a soft cloth.

Also, since I bought my guitars I have never done anything to the fret boards.
What can I use to clean the grease and shit away?
The fret boards are made out of rosewood.
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Plenty of good info on Google, but a couple things.

I personally wouldn't use Windex or any ammonia based cleaner on my guitar. At worst, maybe a bit of Pledge. I use a Fender polish that does the job well. Lem-oil for the fretboard every other restringing depending on use.
Well, I live in Sweden so we don`t have those kinds of brands :/ I`ll probably go get some oil during the weekend.
So is it okey to polish my guitar as long as it don`t contain ammonia?
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I would not clean the fretboard with household cleaners, but the body would be ok as long as you keep clear of heavy detergents/stripping agents.
No problem, some others may chime in with differing views, but these are my thoughts on the matter.
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