Well, I'm supposed to get this guitar this weekend, I've never seen the name of this company anywhere (Cheri/Checy), and I don't know what to expect. Judging from the pictures, what can you tell me about this guitar? What kind of wood could that be, is it any good, how pricey is it, what sound can I expect?

Thanks in advance!
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I did. I've went as far as fifth page of google. This seems like an Ibanez RG series copy.
The Tremolo appears to look like floyd rose, decent machine heads and tuners, I think the neck is maple+rosewood but I'm worried about body wood the most. I'm prob. gonna replace the pickups anyway. So that leaves me at what kind of wood is the body made of.
Well, maple's a brighter wood, mahogany is a darker wood, and ash, alder, and basswood are right in the middle. They're great for soloing because they've got great mids and hence cut through the mix really nicely.

They're also softer woods. Much less durable, much less resonant. Some people think basswood=bad. They're morons. It comes down to what you need in a guitar. Plenty of guitar virtuosos who designed their own signature guitars chose basswood when they could have any wood.
I'm looking for good clean tone with decent sustain that can take wah, minor distortion and very minor synth well. I hope I get what I'm looking for.

Thanks a lot for the help, cheers!