I've been looking at this company called Zerberus guitars (specifically the Chimaira). Aesthetically striking guitars with quadcoil pickups (sounds cooler than it is... basically two minibuckers combined, though it allows for interesting parallel coils 'n' shit).

I'm wondering if anyone here has played one or knows anything about them. Because they're too expensive to be buying without knowing what they're like. They're gorgeous, but I need to know if they're well built and high quality.

Link: http://www.zerberusguitars.com/
From what I've heard, they exhibit the usual German maniacal obsession with craftsmanship and quality. For what you get, the prices aren't outrageous, but they are expensive. And since they are a custom company, I don't know what the wait is for one. In short, they're another high-end boutique guitar company. I suspect that if you get one, you'll love it.
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Well, they're one of those custom companies that has a lot of standard series guitars they pump out. They even have their own ebay store where they sell them for 1750USD.

I did a bit of research and can't find many reviews at all. I've found like two.