I've been looking to upgrade the stock pickups on my 7-string to something nicer. I was originally going to go for EMGs, but they're too expensive. I've been really leaning towards Crunch Lab/Luiquifires because from what I've seen on YouTube, they get a really good sound for metal and soloing. I like the sound that John Petrucci has on Dream Theater albums; that is, really good metal lows and really smooth highs. I play every single genre of metal in existence, mainly prog and death. I'm just wondering what you guys think of these pickups, how they compare to EMG in terms of sound, and if they achieve almost any sound for metal. I'm talking from old school metal to thunderous death metal or deathcore riffs, and occasionally some djent.

I run my guitar (maple body w/ rosewood frets & maple neck) through a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone pedal to a Peavey KB1 piano amp (my guitar amp broke and it's all I have, but it works ), if that can help figure out what sound I'd get.
You don't need pickups, you need a proper setup. You don't need an actual amp because the KBs are pretty good, but if you stick to that route, you do need a proper modeling preamp to run into it. The Line 6 POD HD models are pretty much the best out right now (I'm assuming your budget doesn't need to raise talk about Fractal or Kemper gear).
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Yeah, PODs are pretty much out of my budget. If there's a good modeling preamp for about $70 or less, then I'll be good. I only have enough for a new pair of pickups and some left over, so a $200-300 preamp is definitely a bit much for me right now . I do have a Peavey Vypyr 15, which has a built-in preamp, but the amp iteslf is messed up, and after about 2 months of looking around to repair it, I've labeled it a lost cause .
True! Very true. Great amp just needs love.

Now if you werent really happy with your guitars tone through a guitar amp. Your still not gonna be happy even after you get your amp back or a new amp. Now new pickups will help a bit but not as much as one would normally think. John gets most of his sound through his amp. His pups arent gonna help.

Now back to your question. If you like The Crunch Labs and Liquifire your not gonna want EMG's. You will have to route your guitar for them (ass pain starts now) SO Those pickups are fantastic and very flexible from metal to blues.

Second option will be the SD Distortion 7 pickup. They have a little more edge to them and they are a must for metal players who like more Passive pickups then Active.

Now im not a seven string expert im sure you will hear some better options from more expierenced 7 string players but thats my 2 cents! Have Fun man!
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