Looking for basically anything that plays and sounds well...It doesn't matter too much about the looks...As long as it has : decent tuners,(no tremolo bridge),and a bit of versatility... I want my budget to be $300 tops, but if spending a little more is worth it for a better guitar, I might consider it....

I mostly play clean with reverbs,delays, and other effects..But I also play some metal, and shred style music like Joe Satriani.....

My main sound is on Guitar Rig 5,so it has lots of versatility and great tone even on some cheaper guitars. Right now I have a Schecter Omen 6 that I use for everything,clean,metal,shred,classic rock..and it does them pretty well on GR5...But I want variation...I've had this guitar for probably 8 years,I want something new.....Please suggest some guitars please

OR should I get a Schecter Damien FR? There is a sale for one here locally. the guy wants $100. Only thing is it's painted white, and needs some wiring done..But $100 seems ok...Any thoughts?
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the best guitar at 300 bucks, in my opinion, is the Ibanez RG2EX1:

But you can go used if you want.

As for the schecter with the FR, I'm not a fan of the necks, but if you do get it, try it out before you buy to make sure it fits your needs. Though you said you want a guitar without a trem so...
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Does that Ibanez have coil tap?....Yeah i'm not too sure about the Schecter honestly, I don't like cheap trems. I hear it keeps in tune pretty well,but still i'm not sure yet..It just seems like a really good deal to pass up.
Find a used PRS SE. It will be a bit over your budget, but it will be worth it.
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