hey guys

im a beginner to playing acoustic guitar on which i have steel strings , but i have a problem with the pain that im feeling from some chords. For example when i play an A minor chord or a C chord i can easily make the shape but the very top string on these chords really dig into my pointer finger which is painful and utlimatley that means i get a muted sound on this string.

Do you think my calluses have not developed enough to completely protect my tips from this pain and did anyone have similar experiences to mine thanks.
Got to toughen those finger tips up. Need callouses.
I got it. I took a day off if it got too bad.
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Yes it takes a while to toughen up but at the same time don't worry too much about buzzes and muted notes in chords as you start out.
Don't press down REALLY hard to get clear notes if it hurts because it will happen naturally over time as your fingers get stronger your chords will get clearer.
Yeah once i strated practicing regularly the pain and soreness went away pretty quickly. And the callouses will come with time. Just keep it up. Acoustic is a little harder on the digits than electric guitar due to the heavier guage of string but this again will soon pass.
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I have to agree with what pretty much everyone else said. Acoustic guitar can be a bit of a shrew sometimes. Personally, when I shifted from playing a lot of electric to almost exclusively acoustic, I found that when I played just until the point where there was a legitimate pain (by that, I mean when it goes from discomfort to extremely mild pain) and I did this daily. The problem resolved itself relatively quickly.

I just advise against playing until your fingers are raw. It'll make them sore and that much more difficult to practice the next day.

Good luck, man.
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Agreed. Just hang in there for now and have faith that it's temporary.

If you're still having a tough time after a few weeks you always have the option of using lighter strings. You sacrifice a little tone but the pay off is well worth it if you're getting frustrated with the pain.
Also, depending on what acoustic you started with, your action (the distance between the strings and the frets) may be a bit high. There's plenty of information out there on string height and how to lower the action. It's easy stuff and better to do it yourself than shell out the bucks to have someone else do it. The lower the action, the less pressure you have to use to sound the chord.