So, today I got my first 7 string guitar, an Ibanez RG7321.
This particular one was a bit of a project guitar to the previous owner though.
It used to be your regular black RG7321 and now, it's white, has only 1 pickup, no tone control or blade selector switch, has a push-pull control to get a single-coil style sound and it has a scalloped neck.

It's all shoddy work, but the guitar does play really well, so I'm guessing this will be a beater. :-)

The conversion is going pretty well, seeing as I'm both converting to a scalloped neck and an extra string, but I find it loads of fun. I still need to get used to the 7th string for other things than "chugging" and I have to get it in my mind that I'm not playing in B std as I would be on a six string guitar.

The neck is really flat and thin, which is a lot different from my Les Paul for instance, but it's really nice actually. Fretwork is nice, no cutting or anything like that. Due to the scalloped neck, the markers are all gone though, which is a bit weird. :P

Sound-wise, it's decent. Nothing great, but it could be worse. I might get another pickup into it, but for now, I'll settle with what it is.

Because it's a beater, I only paid a hundred euros, which is a really low price.

No pictures for now, maybe later, but I do have a short video!
I just used settings I had and adjusted it slightly. It's a 5150 model with a Mesa V30 loaded cab impulse, Sennheiser MD421 microphone.
The riff is something I came up with on the spot.

Yes, it looks nice and all, but it could do with some refining touches. Finish it properly, smoothen the scalloping, getting the electronics sorted properly, etc.

It's a cool thing to have though, really different to what I already had and very inspiring. :-)
Holy hell!!! Nice guitar.
I love Ibanez necks and used to own an RG7321. Great guitars for the price, but you got a hell of a deal. Nice rig too.

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If he scalloped till the markers were gone, you might have some neck problems down the line.
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I never ceased to be amazed by how much gain that 5150 tosses out.

Congrats! The guitar looks cool as hell.
Quote by Kyleisthename
If he scalloped till the markers were gone, you might have some neck problems down the line.

How so? And how could I prevent it from happening (if I can)?
The guitar has been like this for quite a while though.

@JustRooster: it's only a model, not an actual one, but it does have gain with heaps. It was only at 3-4 in the model, though. :P

Thanks all! :-)