Hey all, I have a question about how to fix my archtop guitar (Epiphone P93 royale). The input jack is held on by a washer and a nut, but it seems to come unscrewed often. I tighten it every day, but if I forget even one time, the nut comes off and the input jack falls into the guitar's hollow body, making it very difficult to retrieve and screw back into place. I just wanted to ask if anyone had any advice as to how I can resolve this problem. I don't want to nor can afford to buy a new guitar, so I'd like helpful answers, please. Thanks!
loctite. just a little dab of locktite on the jack will hold it pretty tight.

be careful to get the weakest one though. you don't want too strong a hold.
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this in no way needs a new guitar

if theres anyway to do so try to hold it in place while you screw it in all the way if might also have a nut on the other side which might need adjusting

if all else fails you could use some teflon tape to hold that nut in place
Use the Green or Blue Loctite. Do not use the Red.. Clear nail polish will also do the trick.

Also while you are putting it back in, have a look at your wire connections. Based on the fact that you said you had to tighten it often, this can lead to the jack itself turning inside the guitar and will eventually pull the wires off.
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