I'm doing youtube guitar covers and my iphone is pretty horrid. I dont care about the sound quality at all because i use a ux studio to record the sound. i just need really good quality.

im not trying to get quality that would put, say, transfomers the movie to shame. but rather a cheap video camera that displays 1080 that doesnt show any lag and is pretty crisp.

honestly i dont want to spend more than 150. my gfs itouch does 1080 but i just want a little bit better quality (and i record mostly when she is gone).
GoPro cameras have pretty good quality. The only downsides are a slight fish-eye effect and there isn't a display screen. Flip cameras are pretty good for the money, also
i found this one. it seems like it would be pretty good for what im going for. when i see HD vids on youtube, they honestly dont look that great anyways (i'm guessing from youtube decompressing them or whatever).

Sony DSC-W350 HD Camera

what are your opinions are a camera like this. is there one thats a lot better for not much more?

what specific specs should i be looking for in a camera?

It's $100 above your budget, but man, it's really really worth it.

The problem with camera's is all the money goes to the components. The things you need. Better lens, Bigger sensor, wider aperture.

the HX10V will produce really awesome footage man, I have It's predecessor the HX9V and it's got amazing video quality. I've also got an RX100, and 5 gopro's. Gopro's are great for POV but not for youtube guitar vids.

Get the HX10V!

save a little more, and the quality will be a lot more!
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