Ok this is s three part question. First, is it possible to have a dotted eight note
Delay on an analog delay pedal? If so explain. Next, if im tapping quatter notes in a tempo to a song, what ms is a eight note tripplet?? Eg.. 800ms=.8th; finally, what is the difference between analog and stereo delay?
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1: You can, it just requires a bit of math. If you want to know the milliseconds for a dotted eighth note then you can calculate it by dividing 44999.1 by the bpm. This comes from dividing the bpm by 60 to get beats per second, divide that by 1000 to get beats per millisecond, then divide .75 by that since bpm is usually counting quarter notes and a dotted eighth note is .75 quarter notes.

2: 3 eighth note triplets are equal to 1 quarter note so once you figure out how many milliseconds a quarter note is then you divide that by 3.

3: Analog and stereo are 2 different things so it's not an either/or question. It's like asking what's the difference between an automatic and 4-wheel drive vehicle. An analog delay means that it uses physical means to create the delay as opposed to digital which means the signal is converted to a digital signal then delayed. On the other hand, stereo means that the delay pedal will accept 2 individual signals and process them separably.
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