Hi everyone,

Just after some opinions on ABY pedals for my vox ac30c2. This amp has both a normal and top boost channel, which i'd like to be able to change between easily live. The easiest way to do this is with an ABY pedal, but i'm stuck with choosing one. I'm relatively short on cash so i can't afford something top of the range like a lehle little dual or radial twin city. Therefore ive been looking at the ABY pedals morley has to offer and a little bit at the radial bigshot. I've noticed that the radial big shot hasn't got any LED indicators, which is pretty well a must for me since i want to know exactly what channel i'm in live.

This kind of leaves me with the morley pedals i think, unless someone can recommend something better for the same price?

I'm mostly looking at the morley ABY mix:

morley ABY twin mix:

and the standard morley ABY:

I've heard of some people having problems with morley products, but since i'm only going to be using one amp instead of two i figured i shouldn't have any out of phase issues etc.

So basically, has anyone had any experience with these three pedals and can fill me in on whether or not they'll fit my need?

Also, i'm mostly interested in the first two (the mix and the twin mix) since they have what looks like volume controls for each input. This appeals to me since i mostly use an SG and a strat, which produce different volume outputs. Having these knobs would allow me to even out the difference between the two when swapping guitars in a live setting without having to take the time to fiddle with the amps volume right?

So my next question is, what's the difference between the mix and the twin mix ABY pedals? When i read through the descriptions for each of them they seem like they do the same thing, but there has to be a difference right?

I live in Australia and it seems like i can't buy any of these locally and i can't go and try them for myself. So any help would be great since i really don't want to buy the wrong one for what i'm after.
if you cant do it with these, then you just cant do it.

nice boutiques with foot friendly knobs.

morley makes good stuff

this guy also has a TON of options:
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