How do I find pictures that I can legally use as an album cover? By which I mean, pictures with no known copyright restrictions? I'm looking for pictures of space and that kind of thing to use as album art for my personal bandcamp.

I'm worried that, right now, I could potentially be sued for using art that might have copyright restrictions. (Not that anyone could really find me at the moment, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.) Any thoughts? Tips? Advice?
Get your own done by local homies?

Like, if you're friends with a guy called Joseph, but everytime you see him you call him Broseph, and he's also an artist, I'd ask him.

Also since somehow I get the vibe you're a comp sci major you could ask someone else in an art faculty of your college or whatever and they could do it cheaper and stuff, maybe for a couple of beers, bonus points if they can use it for their assessments or something too?

Because that's what I'd do. I'd find a Broseph, or go and ask the rights holder eg nasa or whatever about usage of their image and shizz
AFAIK, most photos of space taken by NASA are in the public domain. Even so, you can always just Google "public domain images" and then double-check the usage restrictions on the site you pull them from. Most photography archives spell out their image licenses pretty clearly if you poke around a bit.
^ This. Just make sure that the site you go to from your search actually and the image itself are clearly identified as "royalty free" or "public domain" or language to that effect.

Caveat - "free for non-commercial use" means you can NOT use it on your album cover if you are selling the album.

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